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Our literary laboratory where we're throwing things at the wall and seeing what explodes

The gents are always hard at work dreaming up new ways to inspire your literary curiosity. Take a gander at some of the experiments we're tinkering with, and, most importantly, use the tools below each experiment to tell us if you like it! Your interest and deep, deep devotion might just be the thing that helps some of our harebrained ideas come to life!


Storytelling Card Game

A few cards from the most recent Storymore prototype!

A few cards from the most recent Storymore prototype!

Storymore is a collaborative storytelling game where you work as a team to conjure up a brand new story every time you play. The stories you'll tell are infinite! With two game-play modes--competitive and cooperative--Storymore is the perfect creativity tool to inspire creativity, encourage sideways thinking, break down writer's block, or jumpstart that new novel you're just about ready to work on. It's a game designed for writers, artists, designers, and folks of all creative ilk across any industry; creative writing, journalism, advertising, marketing, theatre, collaborative management--you name it, Storymore can probably make you better at it.

Each deck comes with competition icons, which takes your gameplay to the next level! Foil your opponents' plans by making them draw more cards, skip their turns, reverse the order, or even swap entire hands! You'll have to think fast, and tell a strategic story, because the first one out of cards wins!

Or, if competition's not your thing, ignore the icons and play out the story until everyone's out of cards. When the last player says, "The end," it's time to shuffle up and start all over again! 

The first Storymore deck will be the Storymore Fairy Tale game, where you'll use wizards and queens and magic shoes and bubbling lava and mystical forests and singing swords to build your story and out-wit the other players in the game. Gameplay is simple: Each player builds on the story by playing a card...a card that might say something like "fire-breathing dragon" or "a thrilling escape" or simply "hope." When a player plays a card, she tells a new piece of the story that includes the item or emotion or abstract idea represented on that card. Does a fire-breathing dragon come swooping in from the skies, only to find that his fiery breath doesn't work in the atmosphere of this kingdom? Does the princess execute a thrilling escape from her dungeon using nothing but her own wits and a piece of thread from her dress? Does the sad goblin find the hope of acceptance in the eyes of a queen-turned-frog? Only you can say for sure!

But that's not all! Storymore will also have an educational pedagogy component. Working in collaboration with K-12 educators and administrators, we plan on creating grade-appropriate lesson plans that incorporate Storymore, complete with detailed learning outcomes, so that teachers can use Storymore as a creative educational component in the classroom

If the Fairy Tale pack is a success, we'll expand to other literary genres, including sci-fi, dystopian, classic literature, mystery, and more!

Welcome to Storymore. What story will you tell today?

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My Interest in Storymore
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