Breakdown - Season One - SIGNED COPY

Breakdown - Season One - SIGNED COPY


How far would you go to survive? When Thomas Monroe's car breaks down on the side of the road, he's sure the day can't get any worse... until he receives a mysterious call warning him of impending doom. Seconds later, the United States is hit by what appears to be an electromagnetic pulse, knocking the power grid almost completely offline. Millions will die in the coming weeks, and Thom, like most of the country, is unprepared. Worst of all, his daughter, the only family he has left, is halfway across the state at college. The world between them is a warzone. Join Thom as he makes friends, outwits thugs, battles bandits, and struggles across the state to reunite with his daughter before they both succumb to the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world. Can an everyday, broken man survive the apocalypse?

This paperback comes signed by the author!

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