Publishing Underground

welcome to the publishing underground

Dapper Press made its bones in the world of self-publishing. Our mission was to help independent authors self-publish with the type of quality that would make their books indistinguishable from books published by the Big Five. And at the risk of blowing our own dapper horn, we're pretty confident that we did good work. We feel we made a real difference in the lives of a few dozen now-published authors, and we couldn't be prouder of our hand in their extraordinary work.

We've changed our direction since the days of our self-publishing services-driven model, but our love of indie lit and our goal of helping writers produce professional-grade books still thrives, deep underground, beneath the Dapper Press workshop, behind the secret library, around the corner, and to the left. If you bring a torch, you can just make out the shapes of our editors toiling away on some up-and-coming manuscripts.

Which is to say, we still do offer self-publishing services, but the process has gone underground.

We no longer accept proposals for new work; rather, we're working to develop writers we know, or come to know, through live events, chance interactions, and the occasional Internet stumble-upon.

If we don't reach out to you about collaborating on your self-published work, don't despair! We're always happy to make recommendations for self-publishing service providers. And in the mean time, we hope you'll find inspiration and joy out of our various inventions and experiments, which you can find in the Dapper Press Workshop.