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"Maui & Son Fish Company" T-Shirt

"Maui & Son Fish Company" T-Shirt


Maui & Son Fish Company has been serving the Hawaiian Islands for over 1,500 years, and now they can serve your torso, too!

In Hawaiian mythology, Maui was a Herculean demigod who used his magical hook, Maniakalani, to pull up the islands of Hawaii from the bottom of the ocean. He was also a really terrible fisherman, but that didn't stop him from opening his own halfway decent seafood restaurant! Share in Maui's mediocre maritime success with this one-of-a-kind Maui & Son Fish Company shirt.

Printed on Shoreline Sea Blue!

Perfect for: 

  • Your upcoming Hawaiian vacation
  • Next week's trip to Red Lobster
  • The bi-monthly meeting of the mythology MeetUp group you keep talking about joining, but you've been too afraid to take the plunge because you weren't sure what to wear
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