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Na Akua

By Clayton Smith

Na Akua is "American Gods in the Maui upcountry," the story of a man challenging the very gods of Hawaii on a quest to save the woman he loves—who just happens to be a goddess herself. New from the best-selling author of Apocalypticon and Anomaly Flats…now available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback!

"Good Haole" T-Shirt

Show the world that you're the good kind of haole with a shirt that does all the talking!

In Hawaiian, "haole" is a word for a mainlander that's often used in a derogatory sense. Something like, "Hey, look at that dumb haole, he doesn't even know how to open a coconut!" Or "Hey everybody, this haole thinks he'll take the time to learn the ukulele if he buys one while he's here on vacation!" But we know there's a good haole inside of everybody, a mainlander soul that truly appreciates the beauty and culture of Hawaii, and also their Mai Tais, because mmmmmmm.

Printed on Lava Red!

Perfect for: 

  • Your next Hawaiian vacation
  • Casual Friday
  • That upcoming luau where everyone else will be wearing a boring old Hawaiian shirt, but not you
"Maui & Son Fish Company" T-Shirt

Maui & Son Fish Company has been serving the Hawaiian Islands for over 1,500 years, and now they can serve your torso, too!

In Hawaiian mythology, Maui was a Herculean demigod who used his magical hook, Maniakalani, to pull up the islands of Hawaii from the bottom of the ocean. He was also a really terrible fisherman, but that didn't stop him from opening his own halfway decent seafood restaurant! Share in Maui's mediocre maritime success with this one-of-a-kind Maui & Son Fish Company shirt.

Printed on Shoreline Sea Blue!

Perfect for: 

  • Your upcoming Hawaiian vacation
  • Next week's trip to Red Lobster
  • The bi-monthly meeting of the mythology MeetUp group you keep talking about joining, but you've been too afraid to take the plunge because you weren't sure what to wear

More t-shirts, some fun videos, a podcast, even an honest-to-goodness travel guide to Hawaii...they're all in the works!

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