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Barnaby Dapper's Library Tonics


Barnaby Dapper's Library Tonics


What's that, you say? You've never heard of Barnaby Dapper's famous, miraculous, effervescent Library Tonics? Why, they're the perfect elixir for the literary mind, a balm to help stir your imagination and enhance your reading experience!

Just a few spritzes around your favorite reading spot, and you'll be swept away into the fictional world of your choosing! Transport yourself instantly into the Untamed Woods of Winter's Bone! The dusty Old West of True Grit! The swinging Speakeasy of The Great Gatsby! The dreary apocalypse of The Road! The Victorian gardens of Wuthering Heights!

GET swept away into stories untold!

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Selection of Tonics

Selection of Tonics



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No single setting can capture the exquisite breadth of the sprawling genre of literary fiction on its own. That's why we've concocted A Literary Lark, a tonic designed to calm the mind and sharpen the senses! Drama or intrigue, comedy or matter how the story unfolds, this blend of lavender, lemon, and rosemary will help you settle in for the day's literary adventure, whatever it may be.

Recommended Reads: Gone Girl, All the Light We Cannot See, Joe Vampire, The Girl on the Train, The Storied Life of A. J. Fickry



Mouldering Cabin

Label - Mouldering Cabin single.jpg

The floors creak! The walls moan! The very air is filled with the scent of a house in ruin when you immerse your senses in our startling blend of clove, black pepper, fennel, and vetiver that captures the slightly sweet essence of decaying wood. This tonic is a perfect selection for delving into a spine-tingling tale about a haunted house that won't let go of its ghosts, or a spirit-infested hotel intent on driving its guests mad, or...well, you get the picture!

Recommended Reads: Hell House, The Shining, The Amityvile Horror, The Haunting of Hill House, The Turn of the Screw


O, Dystopia!

Label - O Dystopia single.jpg

Dare to peek beneath the veil and glimpse a world of chaos, anarchy, and destruction! Thrill to the humming nuclear wasteland, to the hungry zombie horde, to the terror and destruction of a world most ruined! Let the charred and earthy combination of cade and rosemary oils drag you into the hopeless realm of scorched rubble, darkness, and a post-apocalyptic struggle for your very survival! (We're sure you'll come out just fine.)

Recommended Reads: The Road, Station Eleven, Apocalypticon, Breakdown, World War Z


Untamed Woods

Label - Untamed Woods single.jpg

Travel yonder and follow a mountain trail into the serene center of forests timeless and majestic! Your senses will awaken to this exciting assemblage of evergreen, cedar, pine, and eucalyptus, with undertones of orange, tangerine, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy to sweeten the mix. Should your story be one of bravery, of daring journeys into the unsettled wilds, or of contemplative moments spent in spaces most natural, then give this tonic a spray and let the forest adventure begin!

Recommended Reads: The Call of the Wild, The Cider House Rules, Anomaly Flats, Into the Wild, Grimm's Fairy Tales




Victorian Gardens

Westward, Ho!

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Marvel of Tonics

Marvel of Tonics

Select the Barnaby Dapper Library Tonic that pairs best with your next book. Spritz the tonic around your reading area each time you settle in to devour a few pages, and let the scent help carry you away into the literary world before your eyes!


Each Library Tonic is hand-crafted and contains only natural ingredients; distilled water, witch hazel, and a proprietary balance of 100% pure essential oils. And all of our Tonics are stored in reusable glass vials!


There's nothing we at Dapper Press love more than a good book...unless it's developing a way to fully immerse yourself in that book! We created Barnaby Dapper's Library Tonics as a way to bring our favorite books to life, and we're thrilled to be able to share it with book lovers everywhere!

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  • How long does the scent last once it's sprayed?

The longevity of the scent depends on quite a few variables--including the size of your reading room, whether or not the windows are open, and how many spritzes you spray. The bigger the room and the stronger the circulation, the less hold your fragrance will have. Generally speaking--and again, this can vary quite widely in either direction--expect the scent from four to five spritzes to last for about fifteen minutes.


  • How long should one bottle of tonic last?

Great question! Let's do some math! (But keep in mind, these are all estimates.)

You can typically get a good 12 sprays from one milliliter of tonic. Our bottles hold two ounces, which is about 59 milliliters, so that's about 708 sprays per bottle of Library Tonic. (Wow!)

Depending on how and where you use your tonic, five sprays should last you a good 15 minutes (although, as mentioned above, this number can surely vary quite a lot). If you read for 30 minutes at a time, that means you'll want to use 10 sprays; 5 sprays for the first 15 minutes, and 5 refresher sprays for the last 15 minutes. At this rate, one bottle of Library Tonic would last about 71 reading sessions!

In other words, if you read for 30 minutes every single day, one bottle of tonic would last for almost two and a half months.  


  • This tonic smells different than the last tonic i bought. What gives?

Because all of our tonics are handmade, there may be slight variations between bottles that can affect the preciseness of the scent. Furthermore, because essential oils are made from natural items, the scent of the very oils can change from batch to batch, based on the state of the original flower, plant, tree, etc. Therefore, it is not unusual to experience slight scent differences between bottles of the same types of tonics. However, the overall effect should always be the same.


  • Are the tonics all-natural?

Yes indeed! The only ingredients we use are distilled water, witch hazel, and 100% pure essential oils.


  • Can I use my tonic as a body spray?

Barnaby Dapper's Library Tonics are not intended for use as a body spray. Although the tonics are all-natural, some people discover that they are allergic to certain oils when they're applied topically. Additionally, since we use 100% pure essential oils, the oils are very concentrated, and some could potentially be too intense for prolonged skin contact (though we dilute the oils to a very safe contact level). 


  • the label says to use with caution around pets. WHy?

Animals tend to have incredibly powerful noses. Some estimates suggest that a dog's sense of smell might be 10,000 times stronger than a human's! Because of this strong sense of smell, the aroma of the essential oils may be too powerful for a pet before they have a chance to fully diffuse in the air, which may irritate the pet.


  • Are Library Tonics safe to use while pregnant?

There are some studies that suggest essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy, and by young children. We cannot speak to the accuracy of these claims, and we dilute our essential oils to a great degree, but in all matters health-related, we believe it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry. All medical questions should be directed toward a doctor.


  • Should I drink Library Tonics?

Goodness, no! While many essential oils are wonderfully suitable for oral consumption, not all of them are...and, as stated above, the concentration of oils may prove too much for some tastebuds and can prove to be an irritant. 


  • Uh-oh. Because I swallowed some. What should I do?

Well, in that case, stay calm. These tonics are 100% natural and contain distilled water (consumable), witch hazel (consumable), and essential oils (consumable, for the most part, especially when properly diluted). But please defer to a physician. If you swallowed some Library Tonic, we recommend seeing a doctor about it as soon as you can.


  • When will you be adding new scents to the library tonic line?

Soon! Very, very soon! To stay updated on new releases, make sure you join our mailing list by clicking here!


  • Are there larger sizes available?

Currently, Library Tonics come only in 2 oz vials, which we estimate to last about 71 reading sessions (see above). Larger sizes may become a reality in the future, though. If you'd like to see Barnaby Dapper's Library Tonics in greater quantities, send us a note and let us know!


  • Who is Barnaby Dapper?

We’re so glad you asked! While it’s true that Barnaby Dapper is the great-great-grandfather of Dapper Press, and the originator of the Library Tonic formulas, he’s also much, much more than that! Born to a carnival-performer mother a snake oil-salesman father, Barnaby was a precocious child who learned to read by studying Roebuck catalogs and was fluent in six languages by the age of nine. He eschewed a high school education in favor of riding the rails with the wayward order of hobo men and saw the better part of the United States before he was old enough to drink hard cider! He met the woman of his dreams while working as a calf roper in a rodeo show; she was a shoot-em-up. And one stormy Gold Rush night while reading by lamplight, Barnaby was struck by a vision of a fully-immersive literary experience, one in which the reader could be transported into the story of their choice via the all-encompassing sense of smell! He went so far as to draw up the formulas we use today, and consulted with several chemists and apothecaries to learn the tantalizing mysteries of purposeful scent creation. Alas, before he was able to fully realize his dream, he went over Niagara Falls in an oak barrel as the result of a barroom bet and neglected to survive the fall. Though he died majestically by all accounts, he also died without knowing the wonder that would become Barnaby Dapper’s Library Tonics. Lucky for him—and for the readers of the world—the gents at Dapper Press discovered his notebook in an old snake oil attache and have worked tirelessly to make his dream a reality!


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