Grab your lab coat

It's about to get experimental in here


We're cooking up all sorts of weird ideas to help you deepen your love of literature. Part publisher, part science lab, part literary carnival funhouse, Dapper Press is tinkering with beakers, blowing stuff up, and having a blast, all in the name of greatness. (Your greatness, specifically.)


So what the heck does that mean?

We're taking a three-pronged approach to creative encouragement:


1. The Workshop

This is the official Dapper Press laboratory, where we throw a bunch of ideas at the wall and see what explodes. We're brewing up games, inventions, experiments, design projects, and all sorts of fun nonsense to help you embrace your love of writing and reading. And the most fun thing about our workshop?

It's crowdsourced.

That means you get to help decide which of our harebrained ideas should get pushed to production! We post the big projects on the workshop page, and below each one, you'll find a very short survey. That's your chance to tell us if we should pursue that particular experiment, or move on to something else! Get over there and see what's bubbling up today!

2. The Books

The gents at Dapper Press are, first and foremost, writers. We're always working on our own books, and we're developing a small, terribly intimate crew of other indie authors who are writing books we think you'll love. Our authors represent some of the best in the business, and we're staking our reputation on them by stamping them with the official Dapper Press monocle of approval.

Buy these books for yourself, give them as gifts, or just throw money at them to support independent art! But mostly, we hope you'll find your own inspiration and untold delight within the pages of these Dapper Press books. 

Head on over to our Library to see what's for sale! 

3. The Blog

You'll find a wild hodgepodge of wonder in the Dapper Press Study. As our little experiment in inspiration grows, so will our blog. We plan on filling it with words, drawings, videos, and definitely a mustache or two. You'll get a peek behind the curtain at what makes the folks at Dapper Press the folks at Dapper Press. That includes our writers, too!

So what exactly should you expect to find on the blog? Oh, you know...writing tips, self-publishing suggestions, updates on our mad literary science, updates on our projects, and just plain old fun notes on what we're loving in the land of literature these days; you'll find it all on the Dapper Press blog! So stop on in and see what's new!