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Welcome to the New Dapper Press

After a summer-long sabbatical, Dapper Press is back. And dare we say it?

We're better than ever.

Dapper Press was founded on the idea that we could help independent authors self-publish high-quality books. And by gum, that's exactly what we did for the first year of operations. We worked with a ton of talented folks and are proud to have helped publish over two dozen works in that time. 

But something stated to gnaw at us. We were doing good work in the self-publishing arena, but we started hitting on another need, a much bigger need, in the literary world as a whole. We realized that while good self-publishing services can be found through many reputable channels, there's something a little more fundamentally important to the writing process that's harder to come by.

The literary world, we realized, needs true and delightful inspiration.

We've met scores of would-be writers who say they're disheartened by the writing and publishing processes...who have great novels and memoirs inside them, but who feel uninspired to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards)...who wish that they could find other great indie works from other great indie writers to help them along their journey to becoming great indie authors themselves. 

The world is crying out for inspiration. And Dapper Press is going to provide it.

Our new mission is to inspire literary creativity, excitement, and delight. If you're a writer, we want to help you finish that novel. If you're someone who loves to read, we want to connect you to the life-changing book you never knew existed. If you're a child whose school district has had its arts and humanities funding cut, we want to provide you with supplemental products and tools to help you discover the magic of storytelling.

Part of this process of inspiration and encouragement is the major step of self-publishing, and to that end, we still do offer self-publishing services, although they're kept in the Dapper Press Underground. (More information on that by clicking here.) And we plan on offering inspiration via blog posts and by offering our own imprint of Dapper Press Select books. But most of our inspirational work will come through the Dapper Press Workshop. 

It is truly an extraordinary place.

We're taking a "mad scientist's lab" approach to creative encouragement. That means it is now our job to dreams up weird, wild, and wacky ways to get you excited about reading and writing. Every time we come up with an idea that we think has some legs, we'll post it up on our Workshop page. We'll describe the project--whether it's an invention, an idea, a product, an amusing bit of content, or something totally undreamt of yet--and we'll give you our best pitch as to why we think it's worth creating and sharing with the world. 

And then it's your turn to tell us if we have the green light to produce it.

At the bottom of each new Workshop idea, you'll find a place to answer a simple question: Should we proceed with this idea or not? You tell us yes or no. If enough folks agree that we should work on a particular project, we'll move it to development! If people aren't very excited about something, we'll scrap it and move on to the next idea.

Everything we create in the Dapper Press Workshop will be philosophically crowdsourced.

We are so, so, so excited to begin this journey with you. We think you're going to love the new Dapper Press. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the new Workshop page and see what ideas we're throwing against the wall. And don't forget to tell us if you think it'll stick.

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