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On a Scale from One to Ten...

What’s that, you say? You’ve written a little something, and now that it’s finished, you’re thinking of publishing so you can tell your story to the whole wide world? WOO! We love that!

And you say you’re thinking you want to save the agent-querying for another time and try self-publishing because you’re just so darn excited to climb into the rocket ship and head for the stars? YAY! We’re with you there!

And now, you’re worried about all the production steps that lie ahead…the editing, the formatting, and the cover design? And you’re not sure if you want to do paperback AND electronic, or just electronic, because it would be twice the effort to have both? And then, there’s the post-production work of opening accounts on sales and distributor sites, setting up your own website, creating a social media profile, and marketing to get the word out about your wonderwork? THAT'S OKAY – we can help with all of that!

But lo, you think it’s too big a bite to take all at once…and now you’re second-guessing your decision to self-publish in any capacity??


The most amazing thing about self-publishing isn’t the sense of accomplishment that comes from having your book out there shaking hands and kissing babies in the literary world, although that’s pretty amazing. And it’s not seeing an e-mail from Amazon recommending that you buy your own book (yes…that happens, all the time!) or getting your first review from a stranger, someone who had no ulterior motive in buying or reading your book, let alone posting their opinion for the whole wide internet to see…but those are pretty amazing things, too - and they're all things you’ll miss out on if you let the grand path to self-publishing overwhelm you.

No. The most AMAZING, AMAZING thing about self-publishing is that it’s fully, entirely, and wonderfully SCALABLE! Scalability is a snazzy business term that means "the ability to change size in order to fit your needs." If you choose electronic format only and opt to have your books listed on Amazon alone, you can absolutely do that! If you decide you want to expand your opportunities a little and add paperbacks through Create Space, and market using a Facebook page only, you can do that, too! And if you decide to go great guns and open a blog, a Twitter account, a Barnes and Noble storefront, an Ingram listing for bookstores to order your lovelies to adorn their shelves, well…I think you know where I’m going with this.


And the most amazing part of the most amazing part is that you can try any or all of it whenever you choose to. Start small and expand when you get your bearings! Start big and pull back if you find out you’ve taken on more than you’re ready for! Suss it all out and start somewhere in the middle, then add or subtract to find wonderful new self-publishing avenues to explore! 

See? When in comes to literary do-it-yourselfery, scalability is AMAZING!

When you’re ready for the first step, let us know. We’ve been through it all, and we’re eager to help you get started. And if you're already in the game but aren't sure where to go next, we can help you with that, too.

Go big, or go small…just don’t go home.

Unless you're going home to update your blog...if that's the case, then by all means: GO!

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