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Storymore is Becoming a Reality!

We here at Dapper are terribly excited to announce that we've received a ton of positive feedback about our first big Workshop idea, Storymore, and so we've decided to pull the trigger and start developing the game! (If you're not familiar with the Workshop, just click here!)

The gents met up at a Dapper Press summit and hammered out a rough prototype earlier this summer. That's when we knew we had something. And now that so many of our fans agree, we're moving to the next stage of development. Based on a simple and stunning design by Dapper's very own Steven Luna, we're having one full pack of cards printed, and we'll be playing Storymore with participants of the Book Riot Live convention next month! 

Take a look at how the game is shaping up...

Soon we'll have the fairy tale pack in hand, and from there, it's play, play, play, and test, test, test, and learn, learn, learn, until we're ready to launch a full-scale Storymore campaign! We want to throw this bad boy into huge production, and we plan on developing a detailed educational component that will make it easy to add Storymore to classrooms. And of course it's the perfect game for writing groups, marketing teams, teachers, artists, or groups of friends who like to get creative with their tabletop games!

Stay tuned for more progress on Storymore. If you haven't yet, be sure to join the Dapper Press mailing list for updates! (Don't worry, we send emails almost, like, never. Only when they're important.)

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