The Study

Can You Keep a Secret?

Then we have an invitation for you.

Here at Dapper Press, we're doing self-publishing differently. That means we're going to offer a ton of new and exciting programs for authors and readers alike. And today, we're pleased to announce our first new and exciting program, a little something we've designed to help connect readers with the authors who write the books they love. We're about to give you a whole new level of direct access to Dapper Press writers.

But first, we need you to swear a blood oath of secrecy.

(Okay, well, there doesn't have to be any blood involved. That's going a little far. But this new program is very hush-hush, reserved only for the world's best, most dapperest fans. So let's just agree to keep it under our hats. You can hang on to your blood.)

With all that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to invite you to...the Dapper Press Lounge!

Clayton SmithComment