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Presenting the Dapper Press Logo

Behind every good publisher is a good logo complete with a monocle and an open book that's designed to look like a mustache.

Or is that just us?

At any rate, we're tickled pink to present the official Dapper Press logo today! From here on out, this snazzy little logo will be a hallmark of high quality, superb design, and exquisite taste in literature. It will also mean, "Caution: extreme fun is being had here."

The logo was designed by J. Caleb Clark, an extremely talented designer whose work you'll see popping up quite a lot in the Dapper Press future. He designed the limited edition variant cover for Pants on Fire: A Collection of Lies, and he'll be heading up all our variant covers for the foreseeable future. (That's right. Dapper Press is in the limited edition variant cover business. And no, it's not too early to get excited.) We think his logo design pretty perfectly captures the voice of Dapper Press, and we hope you like it!

We'll be publishing it to our site and our social media accounts soon, but we wanted to give you blog readers a preview before we launch it world-wide-web-wide. And so, without further ado, we invite you to take a gander.

Heck, take two ganders!

dapper press logo


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