The Study

A Formal Introduction

Well, hello there. 

Welcome to Dapper Press. 

We've still got a bit of time before we launch, but in the meantime, we'd like to take a moment to clear up a little bit of mystery about who we are and what we plan to do. 

First and foremost, Dapper Press is a boutique publishing house that's setting out to revolutionize self-publishing. We're going to do this by putting the writer first. "Oh, ho!" you say. "That doesn't sound so revolutionary! After all, many boutique publishers say they're putting the writer first." You have a good point there, reader. They certainly do. But we're going to change things up a bit by actually doing it. And here's the proof:

We don't mind if you don't want to publish your book through Dapper Press. We're at peace with you publishing with another company or publishing under your own name, vanity press-style. We don't care whose imprint lands on your cover, or which company's website gets the honor of selling your book. No matter what you do or who you choose, we still want to help you get your manuscript ready for publication to give you the best chance at success.

Some publishers eye quantity over quality, churning out as many new books as they can in order to keep the operation going and not paying particular attention to the quality they're producing. It's unfair to the writer, and it's harmful to the self-publishing industry at large. If that's the route you want to take, hey, we can support that. There can be a number of reasons why one company might be more appealing than another; we certainly understand that. But we hope you'll let us help get your book in shipshape order before running it through that sort of mill. 

Because at Dapper Press, even if you publish elsewhere, you honestly do come first.

Of course, we hope you'll consider officially joining the Dapper family. The Dapper Press mustache is setting out to be a mark of the utmost quality, and we think it'd look quite nice on the back of your book. But maybe your story is a better fit for a different imprint. Or maybe our business model isn't going to be quite right for you. Or maybe you're thinking, "Darn it all to heck, I wrote this book under my name, I want to publish it that way, too." No matter which publishing road you take, Dapper Press wants to help you get it there in the most professional way possible.

We're going to be offering editing services to make sure your book is finely tuned and error-free. We'll set you up with a professional-grade cover that's guaranteed to keep your book off of Lousy Book Covers. We'll format the inside of your book and give you perfect margins. We'll set you up with a fully formatted ebook version. We'll walk you through the marketing process. We'll give you tips and tricks on how to sell your work. When it's all said and done, we'll go with you through the entire process, from rough manuscript all the way to professional-grade book that any publisher would be proud to have on its shelf. And our a la carte services mean you'll be able to pick and choose the services that work best for your book's current position on the publishing journey.

Oh, and we should probably mention that we're planning on having an unseemly amount of fun while we're at it. We've got a lot of tricks up our sleeves, and as both a writer and a reader, you're going to get no shortage of surprise and delight from Dapper Press so long as we all shall live. Stay tuned for news on some of our exciting upcoming projects, like the Dapper Press Speakeasy and the Golden Monocles. Our official launch date is a little cloudy at this point...a gentleman never rushes a good thing...but fill out the form below to jump onto our mailing list and be one of the first to get updates on our progress. 

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