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Guest Post: Haunted Lounge Writer K. B. Jensen

In case you've missed it, we're featuring some brand new scary stories from over a dozen talented writers in the Dapper Press Lounge this month. We've invited them to answer a few questions on our blog. Today, we present K. B. Jensen, whose story "Dark Angels" was published in the Lounge this morning!

The October Lounge stories are all about fear. What are you afraid of? Where does your fear stem from? 

I am afraid of the dark...well, not cripplingly so, but I have been known to switch off lights and bolt out of rooms on my way to bed. The fear stems from my overactive imagination. I can imagine all sorts of things in the darkness, so much so that when I was a kid I used to sit in the hallway at the edge of the dark with my heart pounding and write stories inspired by what I imagined.

What inspired you to write this particular short story?

I had a strange dream. I woke up with the taste of raw squid in my mouth, how I imagined it would taste anyway. I often have dreams where I fly and this was one of them. As a journalist, I interview people all the time, and in my dream I was interviewing this person who the military basically turned into a monster.

What's next for you? What writing projects do you currently have up your sleeve?

I continue to market my book, “Painting With Fire,” an artistic murder mystery, which has been well received. I’m also working on a short story collection. It’s a bunch of stories wrapped up in a larger story about a woman driving down a rural Wisconsin highway who hits a hitchhiker with her car and swerves into a snow bank. The two of them end up trapped in the vehicle, waiting for help and swapping stories to pass the time. I haven’t yet decided on a title, but I have a few ideas.

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