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Guest Post: Haunted Lounge Author Matt Yeager

As you probably know by now, we're hosting a ton of great, original stories about fear over in the Lounge this month. Matt Yeager, today's story writer, answers some questions about what scares him, what drives him, and what's up next for him. Check it out, then head to the Lounge for his creepy tale,"This Old House."

The October Lounge stories are all about fear. What are you afraid of? Where does your fear stem from?

I'm afraid of a lot of the regular things everyone is afraid of: afraid of loss and helplessness and turning into one of my parents. Here's one of the weird ones: I'm afraid of space. Like, outer that gravity might one day decide to lose its grip on me, and I'll go floating up into the never-ending void hanging right above our heads.  It's irrational; there's no off switch for gravity, and I'd die from oxygen loss before floating off into nowhere. But I look up and know it's a vast amount of space that I can't really comprehend and feel a sense of vertigo. I have no problem with heights; I can look down and be okay. Down is's finite. There's a bottom that I'll splat against. Up, though? Ugh. There's too much of it.

What inspired you to write this particular short story?

I had the desire to write a monster story in the back of my head while I was thinking about home improvements. I'm a terrible handyman, and it got me thinking that if aliens looked down from space, they'd think buildings were the life forms on the planet, and that humans were just symbiotic creatures who received shelter in exchange for constant upkeep, like Remora fish. That weird line of thinking latched onto my desire to write a monster story, and that's how it came to be.  

What's next for you? What writing projects do you currently have up your sleeve?

I'm writing a sci-fi western book centered around the idea of a gold rush town, only instead of gold, artifacts of long-dead aliens are the background setting of a murder mystery. I've been working on it for the last yea,r but I'm taking a mental break to crank out some short stories that I plan to post on my blog. I also want to start a serialized story on my blog centered on the idea of a crowdfunded website for Necromancers.  I hope that will already be going by the time my story is published in the Dapper Press Lounge

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