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The Dapper Press Lounge: Now With Fewer Locks


We've hit a huge milestone in our as-yet-short-but-dapper life; this week, we officially opened our site for business! No more waiting, no more guessing, no more wondering what's behind the Dapper Press mustache. We're open to the public, and we're ready to help you self-publish the dickens out of your next book.

As part of our launch, we've made a few changes to our website. The homepage, of course, is different now, as it contains a whole bunch of helpful information. But the Lounge is different, too. Now that we're open to the public, there's no more need for secret codes and members-only knocks. We're throwing wide the doors to the Lounge so everyone can enjoy the content inside.

And it's a good thing we launched when we did. There are so many haunts and spooks filling the Haunted Lounge now, the door was bursting at the hinges. Now they're free to fly around and terrorize whomsoever they choose.

If you've been curious about the scary stories we're posting in the Lounge but thought, "Eh, signing up seems like such a hassle," then today is your day, my friend. With the doors flung wide open, everyone, and we mean everyone, can enjoy the bevy of eerie tales we're publishing from some truly incredible writers.

So what're you waiting for? Get yourself to the new, improved, and open-to-the-public Lounge.

Clayton SmithComment