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Guest Post: Haunted Lounge Writer William Diaz

We're featuring some brand new scary stories from over a dozen talented writers in the Dapper Press Lounge this month, and we've invited them to answer a few questions about fear on our blog. Today, we present William Diaz, whose story "Holy House" was published in the Lounge this morning!


1. The October Lounge stories are all about fear. What are you afraid of? Where does your fear stem from?

Hmm, I don't know if I'd want to admit that! (Just kidding!) If I had to pick a fear, I think the supernatural I would say probably gives me the creeps. I was about 16 when some friends from high school took me to an abandoned house covered with pentagrams and 666 markings. At night. With no flashlight of any kind. Looking back, I'm sure there was nothing supernatural about that abandoned house, but at the time I was scared shitless!

2. What inspired you to write this particular short story?

I've known people with legitimate fears (heights, elevators) to people with some off-the-wall shit (birds). Second, "Holy House" was written to sort of poke fun at some of the off-the-wall fears I'm sure you guys have heard over time. Not to mention, there are some weird people living among us doing some even weirder things...LOL! The whole thing from beginning to end took me about five days to write. The story is set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I was born and raised.

3. What's next for you? What writing projects do you currently have up your sleeve?

I'm releasing my debut self-published novel, Inquisition, in October through Kindle Direct Publishing. It's the first book of the fantasy-fiction series The Blood Moon Chronicles (visit the Inquisition FB page for more info: I've just completed the first draft of the second Blood Moon Chronicles, Agents of Chaos. I also started to jot down notes for the third and final book of the series, yet to be titled.

Check out William's "Holy House" in the Dapper Press Lounge this month!

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